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The weather is okay, you just can't fight it.

Tue, 11/06/2007 - 11:53am
Now that I'm living here, in New York City...

hear it out of context:

"Recently I’ve begun to realize that that odd feeling that’s been hitting me for years is the feeling of a stranger, trapped inside a strange land, inside a strange body."

"This is a matter of experience, to experience without knowing, to experience a tree not as tree. I want to break out of my brain, I want to break out of the world that everyone has created for me."

"If anything, the absence of this passage from the other Gospel’s suggests a hidden truth, a more honest portrayal of a man shrouded in glorification, especially in the instance of miracles."

"Why must I fear the sound of my own throbbing blood, the white noise of my body? In the ocean, young enough to be fearful, old enough to want to be inhuman, without a body, without the veins or calluses. But now that I’m old enough to dive deeper, to touch a fish with my hand, I want my pumping to be unfeared, I want to embrace my fragility, feel my heart gurgle with blood, hear my grasping, rickety breathiness."
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