HUD Out Your Mac

HUD Out Your Mac


HUD (Heads Up Display) interfaces kick ass. No doubt about it. I want my mac to look like it can kick ass too, so what better way than to mix the two? Here's a list of HUD mods for your apps and the OS -

And here's some apps that are simply HUDy and beautiful already -

And while were at it -

Also give Crystal Clear a looksie - it's a complete OS theme. Very detailed and includes HUDiness all over the place!

Don't see your favorite app HUDed? Do it yourself!



Just noticed your page today and thought I'd pass this along... CrystalClear Interface automatically HUD-ifies all utility panels (font, color) and inspector-type windows when it's running. The new version also makes Activity Monitor, Disk Utility, and Console HUD windows by default.



Thanks, I'll add it to the list!

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