Power Delete with Quicksilver

Power Delete with Quicksilver


On macosxhints.com, someone posted a hint detailing how to use Quicksilver to "Send applications to AppDelete, Eject Volumes, and send all other selected files to the trash" with the same keystroke (Command-Delete). I thought it could use some improvements, so I changed the following:

  • Send Applications to AppZapper (I like to see what I'm deleting)
  • Use Command-E (more comortable because they are closer together)
  • Correctly Eject remote Volumes (it would crash the finder before)

One thing it doesn't do is eject WebDav Volumes. It looks like AppleScript doesn't have any sort of specific identifier for WebDavs. Anyway,

  1. tell application "Finder"
  2.         if frontmost then set selected_items to selection
  3.         repeat with i in selected_items
  4.                 set k to kind of i
  5.                 if k contains "Application" then
  6.                         open i using application file id "com.appzapper.appzapper"
  7.                 else if k = "Volume" or "Disk" then
  8.                         eject i
  9.                 else
  10.                         move i to trash
  11.                 end if
  12.         end repeat
  13. end tell

  1. Paste that into Script Editor, I called the file "Power Delete," but you can call it anything you want 'cause hey, you're special!
  2. Then, open Quicksilver and make a new HotKey trigger with "Power Delete.scpt" as the selected item, and "Run" as the action (leave the target blank).
  3. Lastly, but not leastly, set the trigger to Command-E (or Command-Delete if you want, but note that the Delete symbol won't show up in Quicksilver even though it's there)

Now if only AppZapper could automatically quit after clicking Zap...

UPDATE: For some reason, ever since Leopard, ejecting drives doesn't happen immediately. Any ideas?

UPDATE: Everything's working smoothly with Lion!