QuickLook Plugin for Photoshop Brushes

QuickLook Plugin for Photoshop Brushes


You many not use Photoshop, and if you do, hey, you may not use any brushes besides the good ol' defaults. Whatever man, do your thing. But those of us who consider ourselves Photoshop "professionals" (read 20-something-year-old undergraduates) recognize the value of an extensive Photoshop brush collection.

When Leopard came out, how excited were you that you could use QuickLook to preview documents before opening them? (Keep reading, I eventually make a point. ) Very excited, am I right?! "But wait," you say, "what the fuck is this?! what about my Photoshop brush files?!?! I can't even preview my Photoshop brush files!!!"

Hold up there, Tiger! There's a solution for everything. Hence, I present to you...

BrushViewQL - a QuickLook plugin that lets you preview .abr files!


Grab it here.

Ada Boy!