Show Package Contents with Quicksilver

Show Package Contents with Quicksilver


Using AppleScript and Quicksilver, you can set up a handy little shortcut to Show Package Contents in the Finder. Lets begin!!!

Paste and save this modified script into script editor and call it whatever you like (call it Bob) -

  1. tell application "Finder"
  2.         try
  3.                 set selectedItems to selection
  4.                 set selectedItem to item 1 of selectedItems as alias
  5.                 open folder ((selectedItem as string) & "Contents:")
  6.         end try
  7. end tell

Then, with your script file selected in the Finder, go to the Trigger pane in Quicksilver Preferences, create a new HotKey Trigger, Command-G that shit, tab over, type Run, and hit Enter.

I'm partial to Command-Shift-O for the HotKey.


bob sherman:

awesome thanks. love this one. its great when you need it.

any ideas how to set up the same thing for a right-click? i really miss my RC shortcut from the windows days... its about all i miss. :D


Thanks! It should be built into OS X's contextual menu already. Try right clicking an app and then select "Show Package Contents."

bob sherman:

yeah, i guess that was ambiguous. i meant any ideas on how to set up an applescript and shortcut for the mouse action of right clicking. not with the intention of showing package contents, but just the actual right click itself.



Hmm, it's definitely possible. You'd have to use something like Xtool or Smile (since Xtool is no longer maintained - using the command "smile location") to tell AppleScript to get the current coordinates of the mouse and then control-click on those coordinates.

Also you should check out this thread. Is there something else you are trying to accomplish through doing this?


Was this before the right-arrow feature in Quicksilver? You can just option+right arrow to go into the package contents after prompting the app in Quicksilver. More info in this article:


I'm not sure, but that's really handy. Thanks for the tip!


Hi, I'm a new quicksilver user.

This is a really useful script, thank you.

Is there a way to use this within quicksilver itself? I'd like to use it by invoking quicksilver, selecting an application and then within the second pane invoking the script. Is this possible?

Thanks for your help.



You can get the "Show Package Contents" functionality directly within Quicksilver. You simply type the name of the app (e.g. TextMate) and press Option + Right Arrow. This reveals the package. This works for any Mac package, in fact.



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